Happy Pride!

Spread some love – follow the rainbow!

We take pride in diversity and have a soft spot for fun, friendship and happy moments. To mark this and to celebrate love, we have prepared a hit parade of cool and playful products.
So, fly in to see and get ready for your next party, parade or picnic in the park - we have everything you need to dress up, decorate the table, pep up the party and dance in the street.


Are you planning a party or do you just love all the colours of the rainbow? You’ve come to the right place! Throw a party of love - we have everything you need to celebrate Pride. Dress up as a rainbow, decorate with colourful party pieces and pick the perfect accessories for the parade.


Garland £1 

Party plates, 8 pcs. £1

Socks £2

Foil Balloon £3 

Paper straws, 16 pcs. £1

Tote bag £2

Napkins £1

6 pack of flags £3

Party glasses £3

Cake candles £2

Cap £4

Notebook from £3

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