Play each other

Catch me if you can! It's summer and we ask you to play along. At the sea, in the summer house, in the park and on the pavement. If you need inspiration for outdoor fun we have lots of playful suggestions. Just take a look.


Staycation or going somewhere? Summer is here and it's time to pull the plug. We have everything you need for your trip away and a lovely day in the backyard. Check our personal care products right here.

Holiday at home?

Embrace your staycation and make the utmost of your time at home. We have some exotic summer items that can give your home a tropical twist and a lovely summer vibe. Click here and find inspiration for your home staycation.

New study buddies

The interminable summer holidays will soon be over, and it’s time to sharpen your pencils. We have done our homework and packed everything you need for the first day of school. Take a look here.


Although it's summer and time to pull the plug, it's nice to work up a sweat and keep in shape. We have lots of exercise kit for a yoga class, a quick run or fitness in the park. And the best thing about it, is that you can go all in on ice creams.

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