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Urban Garden Competition

We’re calling on all budding urban gardeners to bring the outside inside this April. Using our product, plus your imagination, we want you to design and create your ideal indoor urban oasis. Winners will receive a £50 spend at your local Flying Tiger Copenhagen!




How can I enter?

  • Design and create your mini urban garden with some of our products – the more imaginative the better!
  • Snap a photo of your mini urban garden
  • Send the photo in along with a short description of your garden to support.uk@flyingtiger.com
  • In the subject of the email please write “I’ve Entered The Urban Garden Competition” and one of the following age categories:
    > 7-12
    > 13-19
    > 20+
  • Entries must be submitted by 30th April
  • One winner from each category will be chosen to win a £50 spend in their local store

The boring stuff… Terms and conditions
Who offers the competition?

Tiger Retail Ltd, Tiger UK Ltd, TGR Stores Ltd, TZ Stores Ltd, Tiger Cardiff Ltd and Zebra A/S.

For how long does the competition run?

The competition runs from Sunday 1st April 2018 until Monday 30th April 2018 23:59 GMT.

Who can participate?

The competition runs in the following countries: United Kingdom (England, Wales, Midlands and Scotland) exclusive of Northern Ireland.  Anyone in these regions can participate in the competition (except for employees of the Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores and Zebra A/S). [In order to claim the prize, it is a requirement to have an email address and / or smart phone. (Please see elaboration below under the section “How do I claim my prize?”).

How to I participate?

  • Design and create a mini urban garden
  • The mini urban garden must include, but not limited to Flying Tiger Copenhagen products
  • Once complete, the participant must send in a photograph(s) of the mini urban garden to support.uk@flyingtiger.com
  • The email subject must state: “I’ve Entered the Urban Garden Competition”
  • The relevant age category must be mentioned in the subject or in the main body of the email
  • A short description of the mini urban garden must be provided in the body of the email

Failure to follow these steps will result in a void competition entry. 

What can I win?

One winner from each age group (7-12, 13-19 and 20+) will be selected based on the creativity and design of the mini urban garden. The main prize is a £50 spend at Flying Tiger Copenhagen to be used in the winner’s local Flying Tiger Copenhagen store. The £50 can only be used for one (1) purchase on the day of redemption. If you do not spend the entire amount upon redemption of the prize, you will not be entitled to spend any remaining amount at another time. 

How do I claim my prize?

If you are one of the lucky winners, you will receive an email by Friday 11th May 2018. The prize must be redeemed no later than Saturday 30th June 2018. The prize must only be redeemed in the agreed store (between the promoter and the winner). Please note that you will forfeit the prize without compensation if you do not use it within the deadline. The prize cannot be refunded to cash. You are not entitled to transfer the prize to anyone else. Therefore, it is a requirement that you collect the prize yourself.

How and when are the winners selected?

The winners are selected by a jury based on the criteria of creativity, aesthetics, and originality. There will be one winner per age group. The winner will be notified via the email used to submit the entry by Friday 11th May 2018.

You warrant…

You warrant that you hold all rights to the creative photograph of your mini urban garden submitted by you and that no rights are infringed by your submission, including intellectual property rights. If the photo of your mini urban garden depicts people, you warrant that you have received sufficient consent to submission of this. You will indemnify Tiger Retail Ltd for any justified claims related to your submission.

You grant…

You grant Tiger Retail Ltd and its subsidiaries (members of the brand) to reproduce, represent, and communicate to the public the photograph of the winning mini urban garden for information or promotion, without limitation on the number of reproductions and / or representations and waives any economical compensation. Tiger Retail Ltd is entitled (but not obligated) to disclose the winner’s name as well as his/her competition contribution.

Limitation of Liability

Tiger Retail Ltd reserves the right to modify, shorten, postpone or cancel the competition if necessary, without prior warning and without being held liable. Participants cannot make any claim for compensation whatsoever.

Participants are responsible for providing a correct and active e-mail address upon submission of the entry. If the e-mail is misspelled or otherwise incorrect, the participants will not be able to receive the prize. Tiger Retail Ltd is not liable in this regard.

Protection of personal details

All personal information will be dealt with by Tiger Retail Ltd and its subsidiaries (members of the brand) with the sole aim of managing the competition and will not be retained longer than necessary for management of the competition.

Contestants have the right to access, rectify and oppose any information about themselves by contacting: support.uk@flyingtiger.com 

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