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Draw Yourselfie competition!

“In a generation where people spend so much of their spare time on technology such as mobile phones and tablets, we wanted the ‘Draw Yourselfie’ competition to bring a bit of the old school creative fun back into the everyday.
So rather than take a regular selfie photo on their phone, we want to see how our customer’s would draw their selfies instead? Self-ie expression at its best!”

We're so excited to announce the winners for our Draw Yourselfie competition! Thank you to everyone who entered, you're a very talented bunch!


Ishbel Myerscough (20+ age group winner)

I'm not sure what to say about my entry, my children were excited about entering and asked me to do it too as there was a 20+ section.
I never imagined I would win.... Thank you 

Ishbel entered the competition at the Angel Islington store.  











Sehar (13-19 age group winner)

As long as I can remember, art has always been an important part of my life, it has shaped and formed part of my identity, who I am today. When I was at school, I was always known as the class artist by fellow students and teachers, people would come up to me and compliment my art work. With regards to my winning entry, I wanted to focus mainly on my hair which is my prominent feature. I especially chose to highlight my hair in this portrait, because as a child I used to have unruly bushy hair, however as I grew up, it changed to the curly hair I have now. 
I wanted to also highlight this transformation of how I felt about my hair, disliking it as a young child and embracing and loving it as I got older. My hair is also part of my identity, it's confident and unique, which is what I want my art to be like. 

Sehar entered the competition at The Flying Tiger Store located in Whitgift Centre, Croydon

May Green (5-12 age group winner)

"My name is May Green, I'm 5 years old. 
I love drawing and colouring and making something. 
I love rainbow because so so colourful all the colours! And the rainbow makes me happy. "

May entered the competition at Ealing Broadway shopping centre. 


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