Hello summer!

A smile, a kiss, a sip of wine … it’s summertime! We bet you can’t wait to dig out your holiday gear. Pull the plug, walk barefoot and have fun in the sun. Summer is more than a state of mind. 


It’s summertime! Time to enjoy a place in the sun and let the children play under the blue skies. Every summer is special. Because you can’t dip your toe into the same indigo ocean twice. Oh, but to live in a world where it is always summer!

Meet our summery arrivals!

Are you game?

We don’t remember our best day of television. We remember all the fun games we used to play. Not to speak of the day we flee the summer rain and turned the room into an exhilarating escape room.

Have fun in the sun

Oh wow, it’s summer!

Oink, baa, moo – we can’t wait to spend this summer with you! We’ve blown up a bunch of balloons and invited all the animals on the farm. Why don’t you ask a couple of friends over, we’ll bet a farm you’re going to have fun.

Hello summer!

Fun in the sun

Going away or planning a sweet staycation? We’ve packed a bag full of holiday must-haves. Flash them in the sun and enjoy them in the shade.

We’re made for summer days!
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