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Instagram competition time!

Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s great spring competition

We are looking for winners! Will you be the next lucky person to win £1,750 or one of our thousands of other prizes?

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Face summer

It will soon be June so get ready to let the summer sun kiss your skin. Check out our personal care products here.

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Mobile phone accessories

Taking notes?

Pass your exams with flying colours. We make the exam prep less boring and more fun. Take a look here.

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Fantastic, it's bioplastic!

We are launching a new line of toys made from sugar canes. So now the children can play eco-friendly. Check out the toys here.

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Hug from a bug

Spread your wings and say hello to summer. We have great stuff to style your outdoor living.

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Do-it-together Can you bead this?

Real value doesn’t lie in the products we own, but in the experiences, we share. Get inspired on our Do-it-together Youtube Channel. 

This is us

We’re Flying Tiger Copenhagen. We’re not like anyone else. Learn more about us and our products here.

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Here you can get to know what’s going on at Flying Tiger Copenhagen as well as ask us any questions you may have about the company and our products.

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